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A Mutant school, our X-Men team works to defend against any threat to Mutant and Human peace alike, while others strive to destroy it. How will you choose to advance your Mutant abilities?
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Welcome to the G.I.A.! We are a new generation X-Men rpg, making our mark in the history of Mutants. Please feel free to explore our site. We're always open to new comers, and will be happy to answer any questions. Once you've joined come hangout in the Chatbox! We discuss lots of topics and love new opinions. We hope you enjoy your stay and decide to make it a permanent one!
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 Joan Archer "Joan of Arc"

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PostSubject: Joan Archer "Joan of Arc"   Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:10 pm

Joan at 13

Joan at 33


Gender: Female
Age: 13
Date of Birth: December 25, 1998
Birthplace/Home: Montana
Grade: Home School


Hair color and style: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4'9
Build: Petite
Other Features:

Clothing Style/Usual Wear: Normally wears white blouse with a navy blue skirt past the knees, during service and to defend "her people" dresses in "holy armor"


Personality: Charismatic, Smug
Hobbies/Interests: Anything involving the Holy
Job Description: "Holy Defender"
Fears/Phobias: While not specifically afraid has a hatred for anything precised as dark or demonic
Special Talents: Giving Holy services such as prayer, and "spiritual healing"
Morality: Neutral (Sees herself as a Holy instrument and therefore will work against whatever she is convinced is evil without much second thought)


Flight (Feathered wings)

Is able to generate "holy light" to cast away demons and other demonic forces. When in her "defender" mode uses power to create halo around her head

Able to bring out "Angelic wings" giving her the ability of flight, however is able to hide them as to appear fully human

Usually used with her Photokinesis as she has no other idea how to use it, has a "healing touch" that can cure minor wounds, full extend of powers unknown but has caused a few "miracles" so potential is high

Fighting Styles

Explanation:While not a fighter at heart as she is just a young girl, will attack those she sees as evil without hesitation often using her "holy light", is being taught is sword play so that she may fulfill her role as a "Holy Warrior"
Pros: Powers have high potential for growth and can be used well in both offense and defense
Cons: Easily manipulated, as long as someone can convince her to their cause she will be blindly loyal

Group (X-Men; Student; Human; Rogue; Scarlet Hood): Rogue

Joan grew up in a small, almost cult like community of highly religious people. Her parents cared for her and loved her deeply. To keep her from corruption she was educated at home and has never been to public school. Her powers first manifested during a service and instead of being shunned like most mutants are the community embraced her convinced she was a sign from the Holy and from that point on taught and raised to become a Holy Defender to defend the community and eventually lead them to a blessed eternity. Because of this Joan has grown narrow minded but at the same time very charismatic and influential among her community to the point of what she says is believed to be the words of God.
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Joan Archer "Joan of Arc"
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