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A Mutant school, our X-Men team works to defend against any threat to Mutant and Human peace alike, while others strive to destroy it. How will you choose to advance your Mutant abilities?
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Welcome to the G.I.A.! We are a new generation X-Men rpg, making our mark in the history of Mutants. Please feel free to explore our site. We're always open to new comers, and will be happy to answer any questions. Once you've joined come hangout in the Chatbox! We discuss lots of topics and love new opinions. We hope you enjoy your stay and decide to make it a permanent one!
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 Desmond Van Serif

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PostSubject: Desmond Van Serif   Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:31 pm


Gender: Male
Age: 235
Date of Birth: April 13, 1776
Birthplace/Home: Romania


Hair color and style: Black, hangs loose and past the shoulders
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'7
Build: Slightly athletic
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: none
Other Features: none

Clothing Style/Usual Wear: Old world nobleman's garb


Personality: Malevolent, ruthless, conceited and manipulative. He believes he is entitled to the entire world.
Hobbies/Interests: Antagonizes one child every generation, by taking everything away from him. He enjoys watching over their negative development in their search for power and revenge. He waits for them to seek him out, only to fill them with despair as he snuffs out their fruitless life. That moment of despair to him is worth building up to over an entire lifetime. He also enjoys conquering and makes sport of his conquests.
Job Description: Kingpin, Every few life times throws a coup to regain control of his former kingdom
Fears/Phobias: Loss of control
Special Talents: Multi-lingual, charm
Morality: Evil


Outward: Red eyes, elongated teeth
Powers: 1:Life Siphon: Ability to heal and extend one's life by draining life force from others. Depending on use, it can give a person the appearance of immortality
-Limit is two victims at a time Requires, direct skin to skin, hand contact.
-Partial Siphon allows for accelerated healing when weakened or hurt and adds up to years on the user's life when they are in good condition. Full Siphon add a full lifetime onto the user's current time line
-Human life is easier and faster to drain, while mutant life is more potent and can be time consuming
-The absorbed lives stack like a cat's, and thus one can revive as many times as they have lives
2:Shape-shifting: (limited to fog, bat, and wolf forms)
-Transforming process takes time to complete
-The user must return to their normal state to switch forms
3:Pheromone Manipulation: Allows one to emit pheromones to increase their charm
-Desmond limits use of this ability to specific tasks
-It goes without saying that it only works on the opposite sex
4:Inhuman senses, reflexes and increased dexterity

Fighting Styles

Explanation: Over many lifetimes, Desmond as mastered a number of now obscure fighting methods, as well as military experience. He has mastery over "classic" weaponry, which he prizes over modern weapons, which "lack finesse"
Pros: Throw off enemies with unfamiliar moves and tactics and is a versatile and adaptive fighter. Close combat can be detrimental to enemy due to his abilities.
Cons: His vanity can leave openings for enemy exploits. When he feels insulted, his temper causes lack of forethought in actions. Vulnerable when "feeding".

Group (X-Men; Student; Human; Rogue; Scarlet Hood): Rogue


Desmond Van Serif was born in the late 1700s to a noble family in Romania. While he idolized the fair and noble ruler his father was, he himself was a wicked child, who only kept up appearances for his father and the kingdom's sake.

During his teenage years, he left home to seek a remedy for his father's declining health. Upon returning, he found the his father's head on a pike and the rest of his family slaughtered and cast aside. Soon after, he was discovered and beaten nearly to death. Staring up at his assailants, he realized the culprits were the very people his father had sworn to protect.

With his father's death went the mask he'd been deceiving himself and the world with all those years. If kindly protecting people meant a knife in the back, he'd rather crush them under his boot and reign them in. His rage and desperation to live activated his powers.

He meant to pay them back, cruelty with cruelty. He massacred the entire settlement indiscriminately, drawing the very life force out of their bodies.
With this power, he deemed himself an existence close to the gods and set out to encompass the world with a power befitting a true king, above all.

Over the years, he's toyed around with various world powers, all the while patiently plotted and executed his plans, building a foothold in the underworld and lives a modern day kingpin at present. He's held power in various countries, either directly or by proxy. There have been few to find his true identity and fewer who lived to tell about it.
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Desmond Van Serif
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