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A Mutant school, our X-Men team works to defend against any threat to Mutant and Human peace alike, while others strive to destroy it. How will you choose to advance your Mutant abilities?
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Welcome to the G.I.A.! We are a new generation X-Men rpg, making our mark in the history of Mutants. Please feel free to explore our site. We're always open to new comers, and will be happy to answer any questions. Once you've joined come hangout in the Chatbox! We discuss lots of topics and love new opinions. We hope you enjoy your stay and decide to make it a permanent one!
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 Scarlet Piper

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PostSubject: Scarlet Piper   Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:01 am


Gender: Female
Age: 19
Date of Birth: June 21st
Birthplace/Home: Unknown
Grade: --


Hair color and style: Short and scarlet red
Eyes: Blood red
Height: 5’5”
Build: Petite but toned
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: Belly button ring
on her lower back
Other Features:

Clothing Style/Usual Wear:

Usually in her skirt, top, and fishnet, but will wear just about anything red or black. Her devil horn microphones are always on.


Personality: Scarlet is charismatic, flirty, and short tempered. She won’t put up with much, and lets you know what she thinks. If you get in her way she’ll knock you down, and if you cross her she’ll pull you back up just to watch you fall again.
Hobbies/Interests: Parties, music, dancing, playing her guitar
Job Description:
Special Talents: Scarlet is an expert at the guitar and can get just about anything she wants
Morality: She’s mixed


1-Wave Tuning: At will, Scarlet can use sound waves to manipulate the electronic signals sent to the brain or objects. This ability is used to draw targets under her control.
-This ability catches whoever's in ear's range to hear it. Her range is determined by her volume, which can be amplified by using instruments and other objects.
-There is an increased strain on her depending on frequency and the level of use.
-Depending on her condition, her hold over her victims may be weakened or strengthened
-Without periodic application, the effects on victims begin to wane after two days. Her condition can also influence this.
-To influence specific people, she need only be close and loud enough for only them to hear.
-People with heightened senses are highly influence able, whereas people with higher will power (i.e., psychics and highly trained fighters) have a better chance of fighting it off.

2-Advance Molecular Healing: Scarlet's body has an advanced healing factor.
-does not include major wounds to the heart or brain
-she has the capacity to reattach removed body parts to herself within a two-day period
-healing rate depends on the size of the wound
-all wounds heal together and at the same rate, only after attacks on the body have stopped

Fighting Styles

Explanation: Scarlet largely focuses on using her manipulation and victims to do the fighting for her.
Pros: She can turn ally against ally, and does not have to do much herself.
Cons: She needs her guitar and her portable amp to affect a large amount of people.

Group: Rogue, but currently assigned to the Scarlet Hood


Scarlet’s father was an alcoholic and mother a drug addict. When her mother died from an overdose when she was six her father left her at an orphanage and disappeared. Only nine she ran away from the orphanage and joined a street gang in the next city. After five years of abuse Scarlet ran once more, this time finding herself in Virginia. There, after getting in a fight with a thief, she impaled her head in a rock. Although her powers allowed her to recover, her memory was wiped. A silver lining did show however when it also awakened her dormant powers. Since then she was manipulated anyone she needed to survive, and eventually met a man who hired her out for odd jobs.

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Scarlet Piper
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