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Gifted Individuals Academy

A Mutant school, our X-Men team works to defend against any threat to Mutant and Human peace alike, while others strive to destroy it. How will you choose to advance your Mutant abilities?
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Welcome to the G.I.A.! We are a new generation X-Men rpg, making our mark in the history of Mutants. Please feel free to explore our site. We're always open to new comers, and will be happy to answer any questions. Once you've joined come hangout in the Chatbox! We discuss lots of topics and love new opinions. We hope you enjoy your stay and decide to make it a permanent one!
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 james markes black

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[b][u]Gender: male
[b][u]Age: 16-17
[b][u]Date of Birth: oct 8 1994
[b][u]Birthplace/Home: bentrogue la
[b][u]Grade: senior


[b][u]Hair color and style: long black and red hair like a lions' main
[b][u]Eyes: brown
[b][u]Build: skinny
[b][u]Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: his right side of his is coverd in piercings he has a scar in the shape of a lightining blot on his right shoulder
[b][u]Other Features: dark bown skin

[b][u]Clothing Style/Usual Wear: a long black over coat with a hood black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt


[b][u]Personality: he is a goth so he is very dark alot of the times
[b][u]Hobbies/Interests: gothic stuff
[b][u]Job Description:
If you would like a job at the school apply for one at the Admissions Office. It is not guaranteed.
[b][u]Fears/Phobias: hights amd fire
[b][u]Special Talents: he is a exallent swords men and always carries two swords on his back
[b][u]Morality: he has a strong sece of wrong and right that is why he left his califora home and went to go live at the g.i.a.


[b][u]Outward: big black wings
[b][u]Powers: can bring none living things to life and can adopt to other mutants powers

Fighting Styles

Explanation: short rangered so he can use his swords
Pros:he gets to cut stuff
Cons: swords arn't all ways a good idea

Group (X-Men; Human; Rogue; Scarlet Hood): x-men

[center) History: james markes black was born james mark stome but becouse of a andiet he had him and his family had to change there name and lasianna and move all the way to needles ca for safty resons they where followed by a gang member a gang of mutants that he was trained to whipe out but when he got to there base and meet there lader a butiefull woman who called herself night breacker his sence of right and wrong got in the way of his job so he moved his family and ran out of there

Sample RP[/center]
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sorry bud, long dead forum...
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james markes black
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